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  • 1. Type the company URL https://www.Bazarsook.com into the address bar of your browser and hit Enter. 2. Click 'Seller' located next to the “Search” box. 3. Choose "Create Seller Account". 4. Fill in all fields, including: - first & last name - email address - physical address - phone number - create a strong password using combination of numbers, upper & lower case characters, and symbols - confirm the new password 5. Press the “Register” button after you make sure all required fields have been filled out correctly. If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes of signing up, check your spam folder.

  • 1. Click "Products" on your Bazarsook dashboard. 2. Click "Add new". 3. Start uploading images of your product. 4. Enter the name and weight of the product in the "Title and details" section - you may also add a Youtube link to showcase your product. 5. Switch "Published" setting to "Yes" to make the product visible to customers (the default is set to "No"). 6. Enter a short description of the product in the "Short description” section. A longer description can be added in the "Item info" textbox. 7. Scroll down to the "Price" section and enter the followings: • price of the product • discount percentage (if applicable) • expiration date of the sale (the discounted price will be automatically calculated based on the discount percentage specified) 8. In the "Shipping and inventory" section, enter the followings: • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the product • quantity available in stock • location of warehouse (predefined in the "Warehouse" module on the main dashboard) • unit of measure, also predefined in the UoM module on the dashboard • your shipping rules (e.g. countries to which products ship) • your company’s Return & Refund Policy. 9. Scroll down to the “Options” section and enter the followings: • size(s) of product • color of product 10. Finally, select the right categories under which your product fits.

  • 1- Log into https://www.Bazarsook.com 2- Locate and click the module "Units of Measurement" on the dashboard 3- Click Add New to enter the unit of choice 4- Type in the name of unit (e.g. US size) 5- Click the “Save” button to save your data 6- Click Back. The record of the size's unit will be added to the table

  • 1. After signing in, click the "List of Sizes" module on the dashboard 2. Click “Add New” on the sizes’ page 3. Enter measurements for length, width, height, and circumference where applicable 4. Enter the appropriate name for the size unit in the “Size” field (e.g. US size) 5. Click the “Save” button to save your data 6. Click “Back” The record saved becomes permanently available to select when required.

  • 1- Log into your seller account at https://www.Bazarsook.com 2- Click “List of Colors” on the dashboard 3- Click “Add New” to set the appropriate color of the product 4- Type the name of the color (e.g. Red) in the field "Name" 5- Click the black rectangle to display the "Color Picker" 6- Drag the slider to locate the color of choice 7- Click “Ok”, “Save”, then “Back” respectively You can now see the color's record added to the table.

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